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Inspired by the golden age of travels, the Trésor is a sleek set that blends the classic and the contemporary.


The Jewel, with its triangular Mazarin-cut diamond grooves, is a defiant answer to the typical hard-sided spinner with horizontal lines.

Created out of necessity and love for wine and travels.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the designers and makers of Vino Via wine luggage believe in the power of wine, especially when it's combined with the enriching experience of travel.

For many travelers, a souvenir is an integral part of the journey. After all, "souvenir" means to remember. And what better way to remember a place than a grand bottle of wine or spirits? 

A photo or a keepsake may allow us to remember the experience, but wine or spirits takes it one step further by triggering all five of our senses.

Designed for the proud wine traveler.

It took many years and many trials before the Vino Via wine luggage was born, from crafting the patented cushion foam to finding the 360-degree silent wheels. But the pièce de résistance is its unique polycarbonate exterior designed to resemble a wine barrel.

Each luggage piece comes with a ten-year manufacturer defect warranty. This covers new products against manufacturing defects or workmanship. Normal wear and tear as well as damage from inappropriate handling are executed. 

For more information regarding our warranty, please visit our frequently asked questions page

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Wine is the perfect souvenir.

There's the coolness of the smooth bottle in our palms, the popping sound of the cork, the distinct scent of the liquid as it wafts out of the bottle, and the tempestuous swirl in the glass before it calms. Then finally the rich taste transports us down memory lane.

Designed for the proud wine traveler.
30-day trial period with free return.
10-year manufacturer defect warranty.
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