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Inspired by the golden age of travels, the Trésor is a sleek set that blends the classic and the contemporary.


The Jewel, with its triangular Mazarin-cut diamond grooves, is a defiant answer to the typical hard-sided spinner with horizontal lines.

Baggage Allowance Guide

Show me the luggage size guide for:

The US Department of Transportation has outlined the scope of responsibilities an air carrier has when it comes to damaged, lost, or delayed luggage. We'd recommend familiarizing yourself with it and the air carrier's policies before you begin your travels. 


Most cruise lines don't limit the number of suitcases a passenger can carry and how much each can weigh. Often the size and weight limits depend on the air carrier that the passenger boards to and from their cruise.


However, cruise lines do have items that are prohibited onboard and a passenger may need to purchase additional insurance to cover their luggage from loss or damages. 

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