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Inspired by the golden age of travels, the Trésor is a sleek set that blends the classic and the contemporary.


The Jewel, with its triangular Mazarin-cut diamond grooves, is a defiant answer to the typical hard-sided spinner with horizontal lines.

Care & Warranty


Do find out your airline or cruise line's luggage policies before you make your purchase or embark on a trip.

This includes how they handle wine and other checked beverages, maximum size and weight guidelines, as well as their damage claim policy.

Vino Via wine luggage's ten-year manufacturing defect warranty does not cover damages by baggage handlers, TSA agents, and airline or cruise line employees. If you check your luggage in fine condition and it's broken upon retrieval at the conveyor belt, you have to immediately notify your airline or cruise line. 

Please click here to find out more about what you can do with lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.

Please click here to find your perfect carrier's size limit and luggage policy. 


Do try to lift your suitcase whenever you're going through these surfaces:

The ground. If it's muddy, the wheels could sink, just like cars and high heels. Not to mention all the dirt and mud will stick to the wheels and the body.

Stairs. This will obliterate those wheels as well as damage the shell and ruin your wine and spirits.

Potholes and other jagged surfaces like cobblestone paths. Some wine's flavor and fragrance may have an adverse reaction when being subjected to vibration and shakes. Also, this is another way to destroy your suitcase.

Vino Via's ten-year manufacturing defect warranty does not cover improper handling, namely dragging your suitcase over those surfaces.

Do pack accordingly and keep in mind the weight of the wine bottles.

A wine bottle may not weigh much, but three really add up.

The Vino Via wine luggage comes in two sizes: The Six can carry up to six bottles and their accessories while The Ten can carry up to ten bottles and their accessories. The foam layers are removable to make room for clothes, shoes, and toiletries.


Follow this guide to determine the weight limit of your checked suitcase. to find out the maximum allowed weight limit for your suitcase.


Alcohol or disinfectant wipes work wonders when you arrive at your destination, whether it's where you're staying for your trip or back home. Give it a thorough wipe (including the wheels if you must) before or right after unpacking.


For tough stains, we'd recommend a Durafoam "eraser" sponge. Please read the instructions and test it on an inconspicuous spot (like the bottom of the suitcase) before rubbing it on the dirty area.

Remember, the exterior of your Vino Via wine luggage is made of durable material, but that doesn't mean it won't eventually get scratches or stains. This is normal wear and tear. Think of it like the immigration stamp on your passport. 


Vacuum the interior before packing or after unpacking, and spot-clean stained areas. ​


Your Vino Via wine luggage comes with a dust bag that can also be used as a laundry bag when you're traveling. We'd recommend wrapping your Vino Via with it when you're not traveling. 

I'm here for:

Taking care of your Vino Via wine luggage ensures its longevity so you can make the most of it.


Your Vino Via wine luggage is covered by a ten-year manufacturing defect warranty that begins on the date of purchase.

However, we don’t provide a warranty or replacement (whether in parts or as a whole) for damages caused by wear and tear or mishandling such as dragging the luggage through stairs or overpacking the suitcase.

If your luggage has been damaged by your airline or cruise line (for example, you check the luggage in a working condition and when you claim it, it comes out broken) or by a TSA agent, you'll need to open a claim with the airline or cruise line. Please click here to learn more.

To start a manufacturing defect claim, you'll need to have your unique warranty number. Please read our warranty policy as explained below.

This section covers warranty claims only. If you wish to return an item (whether it's within the trial period or outside), please go to the Shipping & Returns page. 


What is a manufacturing defect?


Manufacturing (or product) defect typically includes the construction, material, and design of the item. The best way to determine if a product you’ve purchased has a manufacturing defect(s) is by checking it as soon as you’ve received it. If you purchased your Vino Via item on Amazon, please be mindful of that store's return policy.


Examples of manufacturing defects are improperly attached wheels, broken zippers, improperly attached telescopic handles, and loose or stray stitches.

In general, if a product breaks down even before it's used, or after two or three short travels or one long-distance travel, it would most likely be a manufacturer defect. However, all the claims, whether it’s a return or a warranty, are reviewed manually and on a case-by-case basis. 

Think of it this way: issues such as ill-fitting wheels, loosely-stitched zippers, or strap buckle that breaks with the slightest touch, may fall under the manufacturer defect category; issues such as broken or detached or broken wheels, scuffs, or stains on the exterior, broken zippers, and puncture marks on the shell or inner lining are damages most likely caused by the carrier's negligence and or improper customer handling. 

If your luggage has worked perfectly fine but comes out broken on the conveyor belt at the airport, you'll need to contact their airline to open a claim. The same goes for cruises and buses.

Please click here to learn more about claiming lost, delayed, or damaged luggage.

How do I begin the manufacturing defect claim?

To start the claim, you'll need a unique warranty number. This warranty number is sent to your email when you register your Vino Via wine luggage. If you haven't registered your luggage, you can still get the warranty number retroactively. Please click here to register your Vino Via wine luggage and get the warranty number. You'll need a copy of your order (it can be a scanned document, a screenshot, or a photo from your phone, as long as it's legible and can be verified). You can register your Vino Via wine luggage as long as you purchased it in a new condition from this website or Amazon.  

Once you have the warranty number, you can begin the claim process. 

I have submitted the claim. What's next?

It normally takes between two to five business days for us to review your claim. If your claim is approved, you'll receive instructions on how to return the item. Please do not ship the item back to us before receiving a confirmation.

For more information regarding returns and refund time, please go to the Shipping & Returns page. 


What does it mean when my claim is rejected?

This means our team has decided the damage to your luggage was caused by improper handling, wear/tear, or both, and not because of manufacturing damage. If this happens, our support team will reach out to you for a solution.

Begin a Damage Claim Process
Do you have a Vino Via product warranty number?
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